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We are technological pragmatists that believe software, data and security engineering are required for innovation and advancement. Focused on the practical evolution of our customer’s most valued systems, we ensure their systems support their users, tasks, technologies, and environment through a full stack development approach.


We believe ambition is contagious. Whether your ambition is bred from learning or from refining your tech skills, Black Mesa will support your ambition. If you are new in the tech world, we will train you until you are comfortable taking a position with our customers. If you are a trained developer, we will support your passion by finding positions that not only match your resume but also what you enjoy.

Remote Opportunities

Not guaranteed, but enjoy working from home full time for select positions! We can find positions for you that meet your family needs.

Great Benefits

Competitive benefits to support you and your family.

Health Insurance

Care First Blue Insurance
Choose from different plans that cater to your family’s needs


Fidelity 401(k)
2 to 1 match up to 5%
Immediate vesting

Dental Insurance

CareFirst BlueDental
Low annual deductible

Vision Insurance

CareFirst Vision
Low annual deductible

Short Term Disability

Up to 70% coverage of weekly earnings

Tech Budget

$5000 tech budget
If you don’t use it, you keep it.

Referral Bonus

Up to $10k referral reward

Gym Membership

Gym fees covered up to 100$/mo

Job Opportunities

We will help you be independent and find you a job that you want. Let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to make it happen.

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Our Team

Mark Aliprando


Hardware Enthusiast and Cloud Wizard, Mark will claim to be fullstack but will refuse to do front-end.

Clients: Northrop Grumman, Peraton

John Aliprando



Clients: Bridges, Mantech

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Laurel, Maryland
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Fax: Lol No